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Erin Montoya

By Alice Broadbent

The WPSL is excited to announce further expansion for the 2017 season. The league continues to grow as the largest women’s soccer league in the world involving over 100 teams throughout the United States. The aim of the WPSL is to provide quality women soccer players the opportunity to play in a competitive league that runs from May through to August.

So far, 6 new entities have been confirmed to join the WPSL for the upcoming 2017 season. The WPSL works hard to continue reaching out to new teams, current clubs and developing squads. The league provides a regional structure to ensure teams can play competitively within a reasonable distance.

WPSL Co-Founder, Jerry Zanelli said, “The league continues to grow year by year. The 2016 season broke 100 teams, now we look to expanded even more for 2017. It is always exciting to speak to owners and coaches who want to become a part of the WPSL. I am delighted to announce 6 new signings a year in advance of the next season.”

Charleston Fleet SC, owned by, Christian Michner are delighted to join the WPSL. Their main goal is to provide an opportunity for female athletes in their small community. Additionally, their mission is create a platform for female soccer players, which will enable them to grow and develop their game.

“We aim to empower and inspire young players all across the low country to pursue their dreams of playing soccer and to develop important life skills that will prepare them to reach their goals both on and off the field.” Said, Christian Michner.

Little Rock Rangers, based in Little Rock, Arkansas have high hopes after joining the WPSL. Owner, Jonathan Wardlaw believes the small community of Little Rock will be overwhelmed with the new opportunity for females to play in a competitive soccer league. After the men`s team recently joined the NPSL, the Little Rock community has been desperate for a female team.

“I expect us to be competitive immediately with all of the quality women’s programs surrounding us. It is a very exciting time for soccer fans in Little Rock.” Said, Wardlaw.

Temecula FC, are an NPSL team who believe it is extremely important to expand with a women’s soccer team who will be joining the WPSL in 2017. Temecula FC owner, Brandon Jantz said,

“We as Temecula FC feel it is very important to give our women’s team the opportunity to play at the highest level we can provide.”

General Manager, Josh Fredrickson will be in charge of scouting and selecting the most talented players he can find to create a quality team to represent the city of Temecula.

Shreveport Rafters Louisiana will also being entering a women’s team for the 2017 WPSL season. Owner of Shreveport Rafters men’s team, Will Broyles, who play in NPSL are exciting to announce the new opportunity for female soccer players. Having created a fantastic opportunity for the men’s soccer team, the Shreveport community are ecstatic for the development of the women’s team.

Broyles said, “ We as Shreveport Rafters are looking forward to support a women’s team.”

Silicon Valley, owned by Erin Montoya, is the first former California Storm player to enter a team into the WPSL. She has years of experience successfully coaching MVLA club teams. They will play between Palo Alto and San Jose, just south of San Francisco. They will be joining the NorCal region, and so Erin will be competing against her former club, the Storm.

“It is exciting to have a former Storm player bring a team into the WPSL, Erin was a great player and an even better coach.” Said Cal Storm head coach, Jerry Zanelli.  

Legacy-W76 Virginia have created a women’s soccer team that will participate in the WPSL 2017 season.

"I look forward to providing a top level of soccer for women in our community that hasn’t existed” Virginia Legacy Executive Director Bobby O’Brien commented. "Now having competition in the WPSL along with the NPSL, it will provide an opportunity in soccer for the youth of this area to be excited about."

8 other teams are considering joining the WPSL and currently going through the process of approval. The league expects growth over the United States and hopes to re-involve Tiajuana Mexico back into the WPSL next year after we ran into problems with the US Soccer Federation that will hopefully be cleared in the near future.